Pumpkin Town

Marshall and Frieda loved horror stories. Since Halloween was coming up all the scary movies were on TV. While they were watching their favorite movie they saw a commercial about a pumpkin patch. They asked their mom to take them there. Their mom dropped them off but there is something spooky lurking in the patch. Some say it's a scarecrow, others say it's a ghost. If these stories are true who knows what will be waiting for them...

Cat Whiskers

Brandon heard a story about a haunted forest so a couple of kids at school dared him to go there at midnight. He went there but he didn't make a very good decision. For soon he will find out why they say the forest is haunted because it is. Spirits of children are taking the bodies of cats and they meet at midnight in the forest. Will Brandon find the cats or will they find him...

Hamburger Hell

The Hamburger Heaven was a good place to eat. Amy and her family used to eat there before it closed down. But then on the TV Amy saw something that freaked her out. She saw a commercial for Hamburger Heaven. She asked her older brother James to drive her to the ghost Hamburger Heaven. When they got there they couldn't believe what they saw. They saw tons of cars there. When they got into the drive through line there was a car behind them that got electrocuted. Is this all in their imagination or something else?

The Raccoon of Doom!

Tommy wants to help a dying raccoon but his mom won't let him. Now the raccoon is angry. The raccoon is going to bite Tommy and turn him into one of their own. Too bad Tommy's house had a cat door in the kitchen. That's how the raccoon will make his entrance. Is Tommy dreaming or is he slowly transforming...

The Vortex of Confusion

Brian was visiting his grandmother. His grandmother warned him about a secret book that was buried in her yard. So he wanted to find out what the book was. He went outside at midnight and started digging. Then he found it. He made a really huge mistake because now he's about to enter The Vortex of Confusion...

Strange Happenings

Andy was riding his bike home from school when he got a flat tire. He noticed he was right by an old mall. He went inside a store called Strange Happenings because they were having a sale. They had all these aisles so he went down one aisle that said Toys and Books. What he found was toys and books galore for only 49 cents. He bought a bunch of horror books but when he went to pay for them he got lost. Andy was stuck alone inside the store with no way out...or is he alone?

Brains, Brains, Brains!

Jon and Samantha are both interested in science. So when no one's around they sneak into Samantha's dad's laboratory. They found a brain in a jar but this was no ordinary brain. The brain had eyes and a mouth. Is the brain an alien looking for a new victim? Or is it just an experiment gone wrong? Jon and Samantha are about to find out when the brain breaks out of its glass jar and starts crawling towards them!

Fried Rice

Bei Ling worked at her family's restaurant. At school she was sick of Arthur calling her names and making fun of her. So Bei Ling had a devious plan, She invited Arthur to her family's restaurant. Bei Ling knew Arthur liked fried rice so she put a worm in it. Arthur should of known better to bully Bei Ling. Because now she's going to get her revenge.

Paradise Donuts

Amber just moved to town. She was riding with her mom in the car and she got hungry. So they stopped at a donut store called Paradise Donuts. They went inside and it was like Hawaii . . . or was it? Could this be a trick?

Amber walked along the beach and went to the counter to get a donut. There was a man with a lei and a ukulele that gave her a glazed donut. Is this all in Amber's imagination or is it all too real?


Locker: 124

Sydney is a trouble maker. She made a mistake. A big mistake. Sydney got into trouble so much she had to go to a new locker - Locker: 124. What is so scary about a new locker? Well it wasn't a new locker. It was as old as the school and the school was 84 years old. The first kid that ever used Locker: 124 was Matthew Hoskins. He died in an accident shortly after the school opened. Some say his ghost is still using the locker.

Sydney didn't believe the stories she heard. But soon she will...


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